How to make your butt bigger using Fish oil

Does fish oil make your butt bigger?

With more and more women hoping to find out how to make your butt bigger to emulate their bootylicious heroines such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and JLo, it’s no wonder that they’re willing to try all kind of methods to get a bigger butt fast. Supplements, exercises, special diets and fish oils are just some of the methods used for butt enhancement and, while we know that some of these do work, many people have probably wondered does fish oil make your butt bigger? Well let’s examine the evidence.

How to make your butt bigger using Fish oil – the factsHow to make your butt bigger using Fish oil – the facts

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It’s been suggested that massaging fish oil into your skin works as a butt enhancement product because it’s 100% pure oil and contains the fat nutrients necessary to increase the size of your buttocks. When the oil is massaged into your buttocks, these nutrients and fatty acids are absorbed into your skin and end up in your fat cells.

Before we look at whether this is what happens, let’s take a look at the benefits of fish oils. The main benefit is that they contain 5 types of Omega fatty acids, which are some of the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body. We’ve all seen the adverts for taking fish oils to improve the condition of everything from our skin, hair and nails to our joints and heart health. Fish oil contains Omega 3, a fatty acid containing both EPA and DHA which are fantastic for improving your joints, eyes and brain function. Plus they contain Omega 5, which is wonderful for anything containing keratin, such as your hair, skin and nails and a substance called CMO which helps to rebuild the collagen in your body, which gives that youthful glow in your skin. Add to this, their Omega 6 content which is essential for regulating metabolism and balancing the hormones in your body and you can see why fish oil is hailed a wonder supplement.

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How to make your butt bigger using Fish oil – So will using fish oil make your butt bigger?

However, whilst it has been shown that the fat nutrients contained in fish oils do in fact penetrate into the fat cells, thus enlarging the cells and boosting the size of your butt, unfortunately this improvement is only temporary. Eventually any additional fat will be reabsorbed into your body, normally within 2 – 12 weeks depending on your particular metabolism, and your booty will gradually deflate. This means, that if you decide to use fish oils, it’s going to be something you’ll need to take for as long as you require more shapely buttocks. Plus, most fish oils don’t smell particularly nice, so even if you do see an improvement in the size of your buttocks, nobody will want to come near you!

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