Which herbs make your butt bigger?

So which herbs will make your butt bigger?It seems that the scales have finally tipped in favour of women looking as women should, that is curvaceous with boobs and a big butt. However, this has led to many women feeling a little left out in the booty stakes and wondering how to make their butts bigger and rounder. And with celebrities such as Beyoncé and JLo sporting curvaceous bums, having a big butt is now becoming the aim of many young, and not so young, women.

While we all know that diet and exercise are extremely important to create the butt of your dreams, if you want to know how to make your butt bigger using herbs, read on.


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There’s been a lot of research carried out into the effect certain herbs have on increasing butt size. The vast majority of these herbs are rich in phytoestrogens – the plant equivalent of the naturally occurring hormones in your body which make you feminine and curvy. It’s believed that by increasing these hormones and raising the levels of estrogen in your body, you’ll be more likely to gain weight in the hip, thigh, breast and buttock area, while decreasing the amount of fat around the abdominal area.

So which herbs will make your butt bigger?

Obviously, the herbs which contain large quantities of phytoestrogens. These include fenugreek and fennel seed, both members of the same family which are extremely rich in the phytoestrogens which will So which herbs will make your butt bigger?increase not only the size of your booty, but which will add a few inches on your breasts too – which is always a welcome addition for most ladies. Both fenugreek and fennel seed help to regulate your hormonal production and, as they contain a substance called diosgenin, help to boost your estrogen levels too. So if you’re looking to take herbs to make your butt bigger, these two should definitely be on your list.

However, probably the most important and influential herb is Dong quai. While this herb doesn’t actually increase the amount of estrogen in your body, it’s important because it helps the regulation of your own hormones and improves the absorbency of any butt enhancement herbs that you do take.

If you are going to try some different ways to make your butt bigger, herbs are a great option and, if you combine them with a regular routine of massage with a good fish oil – please choose unscented, you don’t want to smell like a fish – you’ll also increase the elasticity of the skin around your buttocks and thighs and reduce the chance of you developing those dreaded stretch marks.

How to get a bigger butt fast

Sure herbs will help, especially Maca Root, and then there are butt enhancing creams such as Glutimax; we will be completing an actual Glutimax Review pretty soon. Then of course there are the exercises to get a bigger butt. All of these butt enhancing methods play a roll and if at all possible combining these butt enhancing methods will really help you get a bigger butt quickly. But what if you want or indeed NEED that bigger butt next week or even tomorrow?

Well let’s be honest you really can’t get a bigger butt by this time tomorrow, but you can get a bigger butt look. There are a ton of products which will give you that bigger butt look readily available such as padded panties, butt enhancing jeans, silicone butt pads and a huge number of curving and shaping underware that literally pushes everything you do have into the best possible position effectively giving you that bigger butt look instantly.

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