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One of the ways to get a bigger butt is to start consuming butt enhancement pills. If you have opted for such journey, stay with us as we review one of the more popular products in the market, the gluteboost pills. Whenever you want to take butt enhancement pills, you must make sure that you are getting them from a prominent source.

Who are gluteboost?

Gluteboost is a supplement company that produces butt enhancement pills, cream, but also breast enhancement cream. All their products are natural, and they make sure that you get video guidance for exercise to help you tone your butt in addition to the pills.

The company has embraced the approach that the only way to increase the butt is to increase the muscles in it, which can be done with the pills, exercise and proper diet.

The pills

The gluteboost pills are made out of 12 natural ingredients designed to help your body work, increase fat cells in the buttocks and increase the size of the butt. The pills do all that while trimming fat from other areas.

Some of the ingredients in the gluteboost pills include rose hips, femu greek, maca root, wild yam, saw palmetto, dong quai, soy and others. Apart from working out your body, the ingredients also carry a number of health benefits for you. But more importantly, the ingredients increase the amount of estrogen, a hormone associated with women’s curves.

GluteboostHow the Gluteboost pills work?

The gluteboost pills work in a three step program designed to make your butt bigger, perkier and rounder.

The first step is to store fat cells in the right places. The pills redirect fat cells to your butt and hips. The pills contain estrogen boosters, and as it is known, estrogen is female hormone associated with curves.

The second step in the program is that the pills built the butt muscles at much faster rate. The pills contain maca root, an ingredient widely associated with building butt muscles. The pills make your butt larger, but also stronger. The pills also contain soy powder to ensure that you keep your perky butt even if you lose weight.

Last, but not least, the pills eliminate fat from unwanted areas. The gluteboost pills are rich with protein and vitamin to help you lose weight and water from areas such as the arms and tummy.

Price and Value

The price of a one month supply of gluteboost pills is roughly $50. The first question many ask is when will they get results? Well, if you stick to the program, the initial results should be visible after at least two months of using the pills. Some experience results earlier, some later, but the results always come. Click here for more details


Does squats make your butt bigger?

© Copyright 2014 Corbis CorporationLarger butts are all the rage nowadays, thanks to more and more celebs who flaunt their bigger butt. The result is, women are rushing to the closest gym with a view to getting that bigger butt fast… and it works, but only if you do it the correct way

Personal trainer
If you’re open with your personal trainer about your desire for a better, bigger butt, they will know what to do and suggest doubling up on squats. Squats have long been proven to be very efficient at shaping an excellent pair of glutes when done correctly…

Do squats make your butt bigger?

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Not all squats are equal. There are some that can even be damaging to attaining that round, perky butt of your dreams.

And you’ll wish to know which squats are booty-helping and which are booty-hurting… considering that nobody wants to waste that valuable squat energy doing steps that do not expand your bum or even reduce butt size!

When it comes to good-for-the-booty squats, the golden rule is the deeper the better, considering that your glute muscles end up being more pronounced the deeper you go.

There is almost no benefit to doing a squat when you don’t bend the knees and stick out your bottom enough.

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Will doing squats damage my knees?

There has actually always been consistent talk about how squats are bad for the knees, however researchers have long disproven this misconception, asserting that as long as you rest most of the tension on your heels (which is the appropriate method to do a squat) you will not run the risk of hurting your knees. So build your glutes and sink into your squats!

Does squats make your butt bigger?

Yes but only when done correctly… check with your gym instructor or personal trainer.

How To Get A Bigger Butt Quickly

How to make your Butt Bigger - Maca supplements

Almost еvеrу wоmаn hаѕ оnе thing ѕhе’d lіkе to сhаngе about hеrѕеlf. Fоr уоu, it mіght bе tо get a bіggеr and rоundеr butt. Could you bе mіѕtаkеn fоr a 12 year оld boy frоm behind? Or maybe, grаvіtу hаѕ taken іtѕ tоll аnd you juѕt want іt tо be a little реrkіеr. An аmрlе and ѕhареlу bеhіnd is thе ultіmаtе sign of fеmіnіnіtу and wоmеn аll оvеr are trуіng tо gеt a bіggеr butt fоr a multіtudе оf reasons. Whatever a bigger butt wоuld mеаn to you – mоrе соnfіdеnсе, оr more аttеntіоn from the орроѕіtе ѕеx – in this аrtісlе, уоu’ll find оut hоw you саn get a bіggеr butt ԛuісklу.

Bigger Butt Exercises

Remember that thе butt іѕ primarily muscle. Yоur glutеuѕ maximus nееdѕ еxеrсіѕе to grow. Thе key tо gеttіng a bigger butt is tо rеgulаrlу реrfоrm exercises thаt wіll tаrgеt your glutеѕ. The most соmmоn еxеrсіѕеѕ that tаrgеt thе glutes are squats аnd lunges but thеrе аrе many other exercises including many vаrіаtіоnѕ of thе ѕtаndаrd ѕԛuаt оr lungе.

Tо реrfоrm a ѕquаt соrrесtlу, stand with уоur lеgѕ shoulder wіdth араrt аnd ѕquаt dоwn аѕ іf уоu wеrе gоіng to sit on a chair bеhіnd you whіlе kееріng уоur bасk ѕtrаіght. A vаrіаtіоn оf this іѕ thе wide leg squat. Perform the ѕquаt wіth your fееt double width араrt.

Step аеrоbісѕ tаrgеt all thе rіght muscles tо gеt a bіggеr butt ѕо іnсоrроrаtе this іntо уоur еxеrсіѕе too. Runnіng hіllѕ outdoors or on аn іnсlіnе on thе treadmill will tаrgеt the glutеѕ аnd uрреr thighs to give our bооtу muсh nееdеd definition.

Working уоur glutes 3 times a wееk is a ѕurе-fіrе wау to gеt a bіggеr butt ԛuісklу. You саn аlѕо іnсоrроrаtе weights іntо your rоutіnе to buіld muscle even faster. Juѕt be ѕurе to have rеѕt dауѕ bеtwееn wоrkоutѕ tо allow уоur muѕсlеѕ to recover.

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Buttock Augmеntаtіоn Surgery

Surgісаl buttосk augmentation саn quickly give уоu a bіggеr butt іf уоu’d рrеfеr tо buу one! Silicone implants or Brazilian Butt Lift surgery whеrе fat is tаkеn from other раrtѕ оf уоur body аnd іnjесtеd іntо the bеhіnd are thе two mоѕt соmmоn рrосеdurеѕ. Anу рlаѕtіс ѕurgеrу is rіѕkу аnd еxреnѕіvе аnd muѕt be carefully considered bеfоrе a dесіѕіоn іѕ made.

Fаkе іt Untіl You Mаkе іt With Booty Pаdѕ

Arе уоu too іmраtіеnt tо wait fоr thе rеѕultѕ оf exercise and nоt keen оn surgery еіthеr? Booty-enhancing underwear wіll quісklу gіvе you thе derriere уоu desire. With advancements іn tесhnоlоgу, you can rеѕt assured thаt thе buttshapers available today аrе rеаlіѕtіс and discreet. From ѕіlісоnе іnѕеrtѕ to bras fоr butts, уоu can fіnd thе right ѕtуlе fоr you thаt соuld get you wоrk as Kіm K’s bоdу dоublе! No nееd to worry аbоut thе раdѕ bеіng ѕhоwn through уоur outfit either – no оnе will ever knоw your little secret! Even Bеуоnсе is knоwn tо wеаr раddеd underwear for еxtrа oomph durіng performances and іf it’s gооd enough fоr Bеу, іt’ѕ gооd еnоugh fоr mе!

Squat – the best exercise for a perky booty

Brazilian butt liftWhen you think about exercise and butt workouts, you must include the squat. There is simply no exercise that can substitute the squat when it comes to firming and toning your butt. Besides the muscles on the butt, squats develop the muscles on the front of the legs and other leg muscles, depending of the position and the variation of the squat. For butt exercise, squats are the little black dress. They are perfect, they help you tone your body, but every now and then, you can mix things up a bit.

Squat tips and tricks 

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– Never round the back, no matter if you are going down or coming up. Your back must be straight up at all times. If not, you are risking an injury, especially if you are working with weight

– Your knees should never pass the tips of the toes. Going past the tips can be a concern for the knee joint. It might happen occasionally, but practice makes it perfect

– Look straight ahead, not down

– The butt and back position should always be: back straight, butt extended

– Try to limit yourself with weights. Do not start with some that are heavy, or you risk injury.

Different variations of squats

There are many variations to the basic squat. You can change position, add weights, use dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, do them with one or two legs, to the ground or just half way, perform with a smith machine and much more. We present you the basic squat and some other techniques for the No.1 butt exercise.

Basic body weight 

The simple squat starts in a standing position, as tall as you can. The feet are spread at shoulder width. Now, slowly, inhale and lower your body. While lowering, push your hips back and bend your knees. Pause when you reach the ground, then exhale and push to starting position.

Basic with wider legs 

A small variation of the basic squat is to spread your feet more than the basic. Your feet need to be a half step left/right from your shoulder width. When performing this squat, you cannot reach the ground by lowering. Instead, you aim to go half way there.

Jump Squat 

The starting position is standing, with finger on the back of the head and elbows back (in line with the body). Prepare to leap by dipping your knees. Once ready, jump as high as you can. On landing, perform a squat and then jump again.

Split squat with dumbbells 

You need a pair of dumbbells for this squat. Hold them at arm’s length and next to your sides. Start by standing, with one foot in front of the other. For the purpose of the example, let’s start with the right in front of the left. Lower your body as far as you can while inhaling, and then exhale and push yourself back up. If you have the space, you can perform this squat by walking.

Pistol Squat 

Stand straight up, with arms in front of you and parallel to the floor. Raise one leg off the floor, hold it there and push your hips back as you lower your body as much as possible. Ideally, you should reach a position where your off leg is parallel to the floor as well.

Weight squats 

These variations are performed same as the basic squat. The difference is that you can add weight and pressure either by holding a weight plate in front of your chest. The second option is to hold a dumbbell vertically next to your chest, with hands cupping the head of the dumbbell.

Exercises for a Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt liftBrazilian women are famous for their stunning bodies. Women all around the world would kill to look like a Brazilian beauty, and the main reason is their butt. Women in Brazil tend to have an extraordinary perky butt, perfectly rounded and shaped. The popularity of Brazilian butt goes further, that there are surgery procedures performed by specialists to give women the booty they always wanted. However, surgeries are expensive, and the result is possible with regular exercise.

The Surgery option

Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, but in the same time, one of the most expensive. The average price for a Brazilian butt lift procedure is $10,000. The procedure involves removal of fat from your body, and then the same is processed and injected into specific spots on the butt. After the procedure, patients must avoid direct contact with their buttocks for few weeks. The advantage of the surgery is that the results are long lasting and visible even if the patient loses weight after some time.

The exercise route 

If a surgery is too expensive option for you, a proper, healthy diet, combined with few authentic Brazilian exercises can help you get the booty you’ve dreamed of. Anything between 10 and 15 minutes per day is enough, and depends on your spare time.

Butt lift squat combined with kick back 

To begin, you must stand with your legs apart in shoulder width, while your arms are positioned at your sides. Sit into a squat. During this time, keep your weight on heels, and then lift your right leg straight behind you. While you perform the exercise, make sure you keep your hips pointed forward. Return to starting position and then switch sides.

Butt lift touchdown 

The feet are again shoulder width apart, but the toes are pointed forward in this situation. Squat down and go for a position in which knees are bent and form an angle of 90 degrees. Step your left leg and perform a reverse lunge. In the meantime, place your right hand along and outside of your right thigh. Try to touch the floor while doing so. Raise your left hand in front of your face, with the palm facing out.


This exercise is similar to plie in ballet, with the difference being that legs are apart. You should position your legs a little bit more than shoulder width apart. Your arms are at sides, while the toes are turned out. Now, tuck your tailbone under, and try to contract the glutes while doing so. Go as lower as you can, but be careful your knees not to creep past your toes. While performing the exercise, you can raise your arms to shoulder height.

How to Reverse Cellulite-Free Publication

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In order to get rid of cellulite you have to first understand that:

  • Cellulite is NOT a skin problem.
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5 minute workout for a perky butt

There are always quick fixes for a perkier, more rounded butt. But the best long lasting results are achieved by working out, and getting firm, shaped and perky butt. There are tons of exercises and routines you can try. Today, we want to introduce you to a routine that will take only five minutes of your time, and you can do it at home anytime you like it.

How exercising helps the butt?

The butt muscles, or the glutes are what form the butt. When your glutes are weak, the butt can succumb to gravity, and the result is flat butt. And flat butt is not the only problem you might be facing. Weak glutes contribute to your body being vulnerable, placing the structural integrity at risk. This way, the body works against you.

Strong glutes, on the other hand, provide support for the upper and lower body, and tone your butt. It is up to you to choose whether you like strong or weak glutes. Having strong glutes is beneficial not just for your look, but for your overall health as well.

How to work out?

The next exercises we are suggesting can be used in a variety of ways. If you have little time, you can use it as a workout to tone your glutes, burn few calories and improve your mood. Working out always boosts the mood.

Another way to use the workout routine is to burn the muscles on the lower body, but stick this routine to a longer routine for a butt workout. If you do not feel soreness the next day, it is like you have never exercised.

And lastly, you can use the routine with one or two other short routines for a medium workout. Or you can design your own program using the same exercises we are recommending.

How the routine works

The five minute workout doesn’t allow for any rest between exercises. It is a five minute intensive workout, with just few seconds rest between exercises. However, when you start, you can make longer breaks, but make sure to increase the amount of repetitions. You do not need any equipment, just five simple exercises. It is recommended that you stretch before doing the exercises, to avoid injuries. You can also cool down after, or skip both warming up and cooling down.

The routine

Start by doing one minute lunges with weights in the hands. The next exercise is a lunge pulse. To do a lunge pulse, you need a rope, hold it between hands, and raise your hands above the head. Do 30 seconds of lunge pulses. Do this with the left leg forward. Now, switch legs, put the right in front, and again do one minute lunge lifts, and 30 seconds lunge pulses. That is a 3 minute workout.

For the last two minutes, you need one minute of double dip squats, 30 seconds static hold and 30 second squat pulses. To do a static hold, get into a position of a push up, and stay in it for 30 seconds. You can put your hands like a triangle below your head and go even more down. Squat pulses are performed with the legs wide apart and hands allied on the chest.

That is a five minute workout, without any pauses. If you like, you can take few seconds break between exercises. However, in order for maximum results, it is best that you do it without a break.

Everything you need to know about Brazilian Butt lift

From celebrities, to the average woman, there is no girl out there that doesn’t want to look good. The question, how far she is ready to go to get her perfect look from behind? How much she is willing to invest to get her round, perky booty everyone will be talking about? The Brazilian butt life is the latest trend between celebrities, and is one of the most successful procedures when it comes to butt enhancement. The augmentation procedure helps women suffering from flat buttocks, massive weight loss or sagging buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift procedure owns the fat of the client, and then relocates it to the butt.

How is the procedure performed?

Once you decide you want to undergo a surgery, your physician removes fat from areas on your body you don’t want it. Sometimes, an additional liposuction is performed to adjust the size and form of the parts. Patients usually go for the areas around and near their buttocks.

Once the fat is removed, the surgeon must process and purify the fat. Not all fat qualifies for the injection.

The next step is to inject the fat back into the buttocks. This is done with injections with special cannulas. Fat is injected in different areas and at different depth levels. This way, the patient gets the best permanent absorption rate.

Recovery Time

After the procedure, patients must respect some strict guidelines that include no direct sitting on the buttocks for at least three weeks, follow up at the physician office after one week of the procedure, and wear compression garment all the time in the first two weeks.

If clients stick to the rules, the results will be long lasting and the fat in the buttocks will stick in place. In the first six weeks, swelling is normal and part of the recovery process. Patients are usually able to resume their normal activities after week 4.

What happens if you lose weight?

One of the most common questions is what happens if the patient loses weight. A successful procedure ensures that the result stays the same, no matter if the client loses weight or gains a pound or two.


The total cost of a Brazilian butt lift usually includes the fee of the physician, the price for the anesthesia, costs for the operative room, post operative visits and everything else. Make sure to ask how many areas you will receive liposuction. The average price for a Brazilian Butt Lift is approximately $10,000. However, there are cheaper options, but more expensive as well. It all boils down to how much you are prepared to pay.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure is highly dependent of the experience of the surgeon. If the injections are done properly, the results are long lasting and there is no need for a second dose of injections or touch ups. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a surgeon you can trust, is reliable and has a resume for successful procedures.

Maca Root – The secret ingredient to a bigger butt

Maca Root
If you consume pills, or use creams and gels to make your butt look bigger, just check the ingredients list. You’ll notice one of the first ingredients is the Maca root. This nutritional and powerful ingredient originates from the High Andes of Peru.

How does Maca make your booty bigger?

Maca root, or the plant, contains various proteins, nutrients and vitamins that increase the size of your buttocks. Maca root is one of the primary ingredients in most creams, gels and pills that help make your butt look bigger, perkier and rounder. And the best part is, Maca root builds only muscle, not fat. Maca root affects the pituitary gland, or the gland that produces the hormones needed for growing a bigger butt. The added bonus of Maca root is that it boosts energy.

Benefits of Maca

Besides for butt enhancement, Maca root carries several benefits for the overall health of people. Those are.

– Balances hormones in our body. Maca doesn’t contain any hormones, but it contains essential nutrients that support normal hormone production

– Maca is known to increase fertility. The root contains minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium, amino acids, protein, fiber, lipids and up to 20 essential fatty acids

– Reduces stress hormones and helps with adrenal fatigue

– Vastly used to reduce suffering and problems with PMS, menopause and hot flashes

– By balancing hormones, Maca also helps your skin looks clear, beautiful and healthy. Say goodbye to all those acnes

How to consume?

Hardly anyone is willing to consume the root directly. That is why you can consume Maca in a powdered form. The more expensive option is to consume it in capsules. You can mix the powder to any salad, smoothie, cooked foods, juices or coffee. The recommended dose is half a teaspoon per day when you start, and you can increase the dose gradually. The maximum you should take is one teaspoon per day. Any more than that and you are risking evoking side effects.

Precautions when consuming Maca

While there are not known side effects of consuming Maca, it is recommended not to overdo it. This applies to any other supplement. We mentioned that the maximum dosage you can achieve is one teaspoon per day. Even then, it is nice to rotate for a few days on and off. Consuming too much Maca can disrupt the balance of your hormones. When overdosed with Maca, your hormonal symptoms might worsen. And be careful when you consume it, since it boosts energy levels. You don’t want to consume right before you go to bed, since you might experience troubles falling asleep with all that energy spreading through your body.

Organic Maca Root Powder

Booty Stacked – A Cream for every woman to stack her booty

Sadly, not every woman has the curves she desires. Some are born with curves, while some are born without them. However, there is always a solution, and something you can do to change that. When it comes to butt enhancement, using creams to increase the size of your booty, and achieve the firmness, roundness and perkiness you desire is a valuable method. Booty Stacked is one of those creams that deliver results, not just false testimonials.

*Booty Stacked* Butt Enlargement, Enhancement Cream 4oz (4Oz)

Advantages of using cream for butt enhancement

Besides butt enhancement, cream works in other ways to improve the look of your booty. There are several advantages of using cream over other methods, but we are going to name just a few of them.

– No risks and side effects

– Cheap and affordable way to increase the booty

– Improve the surface of the skin, removing cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin

– Firming of the muscles of the buttocks

The ingredients

Most of the ingredients used in the Booty Stacked cream are standard ingredients for butt enhancement products. Such is the case with Maca. However, other ingredients include fish oil, emu oil, lavender oil, and castor oil. No dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacture process, and all ingredients are 100% natural.

See all Booty Stacked products here: Booty Stacked Products

How does it work?

Cream is applied on the butt. The natural ingredients in the cream (herbs and oils) affect the skin, improving the size, firmness, and roundness of your booty. Remember, the cream won’t do all the work for you. You need to sweat your butt a bit in order to achieve best results. Some exercises and balanced diet are recommended. Combined, the change in lifestyle and the cream can help you achieve the booty you always dreamed of. Some recommended exercises include donkey kicks, squats and butt bridges. Booty Stacked works by adding fat to the desired area, but does so in a natural way.

The downside

It is not all milk and honey with Booty Stacked. One of the downsides of the cream is strong odor. Once applied, you can be sure to smell the odor for quite some time. Another con is that your clothes and bed sheets might inherit the smell. It is recommended to apply the cream before going to sleep, and use clothes that you are not fond of. Additionally, put a towel down on your bed. The smell is to be expected, since Booty Stacked contains fish oil.

When and how often to apply?

There is no limitation on the frequency you should apply the Booty Stacked cream. However, it is recommended to apply it twice a day until you reach the size, form and perkiness you desire. After that, you can stick to once per day just to maintain the results. You can apply the cream whenever you like, but before bed time is one of the best option.

When can you expect results?

As with any other product on the market, results take time to show off. The initial results are visible after few days, but the first real result shows after two weeks of usage. Once you use the product for 6-8 weeks, you can expect to achieve your desired results (provided they are realistic).

*Booty Stacked* Butt Enlargement, Enhancement Cream 4oz (4Oz)