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In order to get rid of cellulite you have to first understand that:

  • Cellulite is NOT a skin problem.
  • It’s NOT a fat problem.
  • And it has nothing to do with body shape.
  • Cellulite is a circulatory and structural problem…

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5 minute workout for a perky butt

There are always quick fixes for a perkier, more rounded butt. But the best long lasting results are achieved by working out, and getting firm, shaped and perky butt. There are tons of exercises and routines you can try. Today, we want to introduce you to a routine that will take only five minutes of your time, and you can do it at home anytime you like it.

How exercising helps the butt?

The butt muscles, or the glutes are what form the butt. When your glutes are weak, the butt can succumb to gravity, and the result is flat butt. And flat butt is not the only problem you might be facing. Weak glutes contribute to your body being vulnerable, placing the structural integrity at risk. This way, the body works against you.

Strong glutes, on the other hand, provide support for the upper and lower body, and tone your butt. It is up to you to choose whether you like strong or weak glutes. Having strong glutes is beneficial not just for your look, but for your overall health as well.

How to work out?

The next exercises we are suggesting can be used in a variety of ways. If you have little time, you can use it as a workout to tone your glutes, burn few calories and improve your mood. Working out always boosts the mood.

Another way to use the workout routine is to burn the muscles on the lower body, but stick this routine to a longer routine for a butt workout. If you do not feel soreness the next day, it is like you have never exercised.

And lastly, you can use the routine with one or two other short routines for a medium workout. Or you can design your own program using the same exercises we are recommending.

How the routine works

The five minute workout doesn’t allow for any rest between exercises. It is a five minute intensive workout, with just few seconds rest between exercises. However, when you start, you can make longer breaks, but make sure to increase the amount of repetitions. You do not need any equipment, just five simple exercises. It is recommended that you stretch before doing the exercises, to avoid injuries. You can also cool down after, or skip both warming up and cooling down.

The routine

Start by doing one minute lunges with weights in the hands. The next exercise is a lunge pulse. To do a lunge pulse, you need a rope, hold it between hands, and raise your hands above the head. Do 30 seconds of lunge pulses. Do this with the left leg forward. Now, switch legs, put the right in front, and again do one minute lunge lifts, and 30 seconds lunge pulses. That is a 3 minute workout.

For the last two minutes, you need one minute of double dip squats, 30 seconds static hold and 30 second squat pulses. To do a static hold, get into a position of a push up, and stay in it for 30 seconds. You can put your hands like a triangle below your head and go even more down. Squat pulses are performed with the legs wide apart and hands allied on the chest.

That is a five minute workout, without any pauses. If you like, you can take few seconds break between exercises. However, in order for maximum results, it is best that you do it without a break.

Everything you need to know about Brazilian Butt lift

From celebrities, to the average woman, there is no girl out there that doesn’t want to look good. The question, how far she is ready to go to get her perfect look from behind? How much she is willing to invest to get her round, perky booty everyone will be talking about? The Brazilian butt life is the latest trend between celebrities, and is one of the most successful procedures when it comes to butt enhancement. The augmentation procedure helps women suffering from flat buttocks, massive weight loss or sagging buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift procedure owns the fat of the client, and then relocates it to the butt.

How is the procedure performed?

Once you decide you want to undergo a surgery, your physician removes fat from areas on your body you don’t want it. Sometimes, an additional liposuction is performed to adjust the size and form of the parts. Patients usually go for the areas around and near their buttocks.

Once the fat is removed, the surgeon must process and purify the fat. Not all fat qualifies for the injection.

The next step is to inject the fat back into the buttocks. This is done with injections with special cannulas. Fat is injected in different areas and at different depth levels. This way, the patient gets the best permanent absorption rate.

Recovery Time

After the procedure, patients must respect some strict guidelines that include no direct sitting on the buttocks for at least three weeks, follow up at the physician office after one week of the procedure, and wear compression garment all the time in the first two weeks.

If clients stick to the rules, the results will be long lasting and the fat in the buttocks will stick in place. In the first six weeks, swelling is normal and part of the recovery process. Patients are usually able to resume their normal activities after week 4.

What happens if you lose weight?

One of the most common questions is what happens if the patient loses weight. A successful procedure ensures that the result stays the same, no matter if the client loses weight or gains a pound or two.


The total cost of a Brazilian butt lift usually includes the fee of the physician, the price for the anesthesia, costs for the operative room, post operative visits and everything else. Make sure to ask how many areas you will receive liposuction. The average price for a Brazilian Butt Lift is approximately $10,000. However, there are cheaper options, but more expensive as well. It all boils down to how much you are prepared to pay.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure is highly dependent of the experience of the surgeon. If the injections are done properly, the results are long lasting and there is no need for a second dose of injections or touch ups. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a surgeon you can trust, is reliable and has a resume for successful procedures.

Maca Root – The secret ingredient to a bigger butt

Maca Root
If you consume pills, or use creams and gels to make your butt look bigger, just check the ingredients list. You’ll notice one of the first ingredients is the Maca root. This nutritional and powerful ingredient originates from the High Andes of Peru.

How does Maca make your booty bigger?

Maca root, or the plant, contains various proteins, nutrients and vitamins that increase the size of your buttocks. Maca root is one of the primary ingredients in most creams, gels and pills that help make your butt look bigger, perkier and rounder. And the best part is, Maca root builds only muscle, not fat. Maca root affects the pituitary gland, or the gland that produces the hormones needed for growing a bigger butt. The added bonus of Maca root is that it boosts energy.

Benefits of Maca

Besides for butt enhancement, Maca root carries several benefits for the overall health of people. Those are.

– Balances hormones in our body. Maca doesn’t contain any hormones, but it contains essential nutrients that support normal hormone production

– Maca is known to increase fertility. The root contains minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and magnesium, amino acids, protein, fiber, lipids and up to 20 essential fatty acids

– Reduces stress hormones and helps with adrenal fatigue

– Vastly used to reduce suffering and problems with PMS, menopause and hot flashes

– By balancing hormones, Maca also helps your skin looks clear, beautiful and healthy. Say goodbye to all those acnes

How to consume?

Hardly anyone is willing to consume the root directly. That is why you can consume Maca in a powdered form. The more expensive option is to consume it in capsules. You can mix the powder to any salad, smoothie, cooked foods, juices or coffee. The recommended dose is half a teaspoon per day when you start, and you can increase the dose gradually. The maximum you should take is one teaspoon per day. Any more than that and you are risking evoking side effects.

Precautions when consuming Maca

While there are not known side effects of consuming Maca, it is recommended not to overdo it. This applies to any other supplement. We mentioned that the maximum dosage you can achieve is one teaspoon per day. Even then, it is nice to rotate for a few days on and off. Consuming too much Maca can disrupt the balance of your hormones. When overdosed with Maca, your hormonal symptoms might worsen. And be careful when you consume it, since it boosts energy levels. You don’t want to consume right before you go to bed, since you might experience troubles falling asleep with all that energy spreading through your body.

Organic Maca Root Powder

Booty Stacked – A Cream for every woman to stack her booty

Sadly, not every woman has the curves she desires. Some are born with curves, while some are born without them. However, there is always a solution, and something you can do to change that. When it comes to butt enhancement, using creams to increase the size of your booty, and achieve the firmness, roundness and perkiness you desire is a valuable method. Booty Stacked is one of those creams that deliver results, not just false testimonials.

*Booty Stacked* Butt Enlargement, Enhancement Cream 4oz (4Oz)

Advantages of using cream for butt enhancement

Besides butt enhancement, cream works in other ways to improve the look of your booty. There are several advantages of using cream over other methods, but we are going to name just a few of them.

- No risks and side effects

- Cheap and affordable way to increase the booty

- Improve the surface of the skin, removing cellulite, stretch marks and sagging skin

- Firming of the muscles of the buttocks

The ingredients

Most of the ingredients used in the Booty Stacked cream are standard ingredients for butt enhancement products. Such is the case with Maca. However, other ingredients include fish oil, emu oil, lavender oil, and castor oil. No dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacture process, and all ingredients are 100% natural.

See all Booty Stacked products here: Booty Stacked Products

How does it work?

Cream is applied on the butt. The natural ingredients in the cream (herbs and oils) affect the skin, improving the size, firmness, and roundness of your booty. Remember, the cream won’t do all the work for you. You need to sweat your butt a bit in order to achieve best results. Some exercises and balanced diet are recommended. Combined, the change in lifestyle and the cream can help you achieve the booty you always dreamed of. Some recommended exercises include donkey kicks, squats and butt bridges. Booty Stacked works by adding fat to the desired area, but does so in a natural way.

The downside

It is not all milk and honey with Booty Stacked. One of the downsides of the cream is strong odor. Once applied, you can be sure to smell the odor for quite some time. Another con is that your clothes and bed sheets might inherit the smell. It is recommended to apply the cream before going to sleep, and use clothes that you are not fond of. Additionally, put a towel down on your bed. The smell is to be expected, since Booty Stacked contains fish oil.

When and how often to apply?

There is no limitation on the frequency you should apply the Booty Stacked cream. However, it is recommended to apply it twice a day until you reach the size, form and perkiness you desire. After that, you can stick to once per day just to maintain the results. You can apply the cream whenever you like, but before bed time is one of the best option.

When can you expect results?

As with any other product on the market, results take time to show off. The initial results are visible after few days, but the first real result shows after two weeks of usage. Once you use the product for 6-8 weeks, you can expect to achieve your desired results (provided they are realistic).

*Booty Stacked* Butt Enlargement, Enhancement Cream 4oz (4Oz)

Gluteboost Pills – Your butt enhancement therapy


Small boobs are not the only confidence breaker for women. Having a tiny tushy does not help either. Flat booty is simply not flattering, a shapeless one is not sexy, and a sagging butt can weigh down your confidence down to zero. Well, you can do something about. If you want a bigger booty, go and get it. In today’s modern world and with so many products on the market, it can be messy to choose the one that is best for you. But when it comes to butt enhancement, few products can compare with the effects and value Gluteboost provides.

What does the Gluteboost program include?

Gluteboost offers two products designed to enlarge and enhance your booty. The company started with selling but enhancement pills, but after some time, it also developed a butt enhancement cream. Both products contain two ingredients that have been around in the cosmetic world for several years, and are tested and approved. Voluplus and Volufiline are known to volumize your buttocks. The pills have a weird smell, the one you sense when you enter an organic herb shop. The cream has a smooth texture, pleasant scent and it is very easily absorbed by the body.

It is worth noting that Gluteboost products are all natural products. Their main ingredients and all other ingredients are from herbal origin. Some of the herbs in the pills include fenugreek, saw palmetto, dong quai, maca root, rose hips, soy extract. The cream, besides the two main ingredients, Voluplus and Volufiline contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera.

How does the Gluteboost program work?

Ingredients in the program are designed to trim unwanted fat and increase the butt. How is that achieved? For starters, the Volufiline gives the booty a lipofling effect, promoting lipid storage. Voluplus, on the other hand, preserves the fat which is stored on the areas that lift the butt. Don’t go and assume the fat that is stored in your butt thanks to the effects of the Gluteboost is bad fat. On the contrary, there is bad fat and good fat. The herbal ingredients eliminate the bad fat, which is sometimes known as cellulite, and help the cells to maintain the good fat in the critical butt areas, resulting in bigger volume. Some of the ingredients work to help your butt muscle grow, others increase the amount of fat storage, and some trim the unwanted fat from your body. Additionally, there are ingredients designed to moisture your skin, making your body firm, toned and gentle on touch.

Is the product safe?

While implants are expensive and painful, and buttock injections can pose a life treating danger, butt enhancement pills and cream ere safe and secure way to get a bigger booty. Since they are made of herbs, there are no possible side effects. However, read the ingredients carefully, and if you are allergic to any herb/food found in the Gluteboost pills/cream, it is recommended that you do not take them. Also, for people with liver, heart and kidney problems, consultation with a physician before consuming the pills is a must.

What separates Gluteboost from other butt enhancement pills?

While there are other options when it comes to butt enhancement supplements, what grabs the attention and distinguishes Gluteboost is their attention to customers and feedback. The company has set up a website, or bettGluteBooster called an interactive community for users where they can share their experience, and motivate each other. The website, called, is the place where users post their progress.

By seeing others succeed, it is only logical to push harder and be more motivated. Also, there are users posting concerns and questions, which are answered by both other customers and company’s staff.

How to consume Gluteboost for maximum results?

A pill a day is the recipe for success to a bigger, perkier and rounder booty. However, it is best that you combine the pills and the cream with other methods to achieve maximum results. This primary includes diet and exercises.

The products are dispatched with a guide book, which contains recommended diet and exercises. You can assume most of the exercises are squats. So, few squats here and there, pills and better diet and you can expect to see results with every passing week.

Why should you purchase Gluteboost?

Well, for starters, the product is affordable and the price is competitive. You can choose either the pills or the cream, or you can get both for maximum results. The pills are priced at $49,95, while the price for the cream is set at $39,95. And if you think you are the only one who’ll enjoy your new butt, let’s make it clear, your boyfriend will do as well. Expect to hear him saying “there is more ass to grab now” within one month. However, it is worth noting that you should set your expectations at a reasonable improvement.

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The workout for a J.Lo toned butt

Admit it, you wish you had a butt like the one Jenifer Lopez showcases in her new video, Booty”. When a 45 year old girl jiggles her booty like that in a video, the world takes notice. In the new video, J.Lo partners with Iggy Azelea to produce one hell of an erotic video. Well, you too can have booty like that. According Tracy Andersen, the workout trainer of Jenifer Lopez, everything is possible, and there is not a woman out there who cannot have the butt. However, it takes some changes in the diet and lots of workout.

The workout secret

Jenifer Lopez’s workout focus on firming and strengthening the existing attributes, not on changes to the body. Her workout strives to help the singer increase her stamina, endurance and keep her sexy butt toned and firm. The secret to the workout is to trick the muscles of the body. As Tracy emphasizes, they change the workout every 10 workouts. Jenifer and her trainer stay in a same movement only for 10 days. By changing the workout, they activate different muscles all the time, keeping the whole body engaged during a long period of time and forming a full body cycle. For example, if they do one type of squat during the first 10 days, the next 10 days they perform a totally different type of squat.

Sticking to it

Jenifer Lopez’s workout program is specially designed to keep the singer active and working out, but not overworked. It takes more than a few squats here and there to make the butt look so sexy. That means there is no break, no skipping workouts. J.Lo cannot go two days without an exercise, because that would put her at a risk of losing her muscles. The workout lasts for one hour every day and includes 30 minutes of muscular structure exercises, and 30 minutes of cardio exercises.

J.Lo’s favorite butt workout exercise

While Jenifer Lopez’s workout includes tons of different exercises, when it comes to the butt exercises, she prefers the standing inverted knee tuck. Tracy has added a little spice to the exercise, making it more difficult to perform, but also yields better results. The inverted knee tuck is combined with straight back Arabesque Extend, an element from the classical ballet. There are three steps to perform the exercise.

Step 1

Put a chair in front of you. Stand facing the back of the chair, and put your hands on it.

Step 2

Tuck the left knee to 90 degree angle. While tucking, pull the left legs towards the back of the chair, diagonally to the right side of the chair.

Step 3

After tucking the knee, extend the leg to a straight back arabesque position. While extending the leg in an extended position, your body leans forward the chair. Make sure to bend your elbows on the chair, ensuring higher extension of the leg.

Bonus Step

After several repetitions, do the same exercise with the right leg. Make sure to follow opposite directions now (for example, pull the leg towards the back of the chair, but now diagonally to the left).

Wear these clothes to make your butt look bigger

clothes that make your butt look bigger

Jeans, skirts, and other clothes that make your butt look bigger

You have a party to attend to, or a special date, and you want your booty to look more perky, firm and bigger? Clothes, and their selection, can make a huge difference. While exercises and healthy diet are a way to increase your butt, they require time in order to see results. For an instant life, clothes are the way to go.

Pick the appropriate pants

A good pair of jeans or pants is a magic trick that can transform your booty, making it bigger, perkier and rounder. Some tips to consider when buying the next pair of jeans.

– Rule No.1 – The tighter, the better. Opt for a tight fitting jeans or skinny pants that give the impression of a bigger butt. Try to avoid baggy pants as much as possible as they can hide your curves and make them nonexistent. Keep the fit right, and if the jeans are too tight for you, find some jeans with a bootcut

– A pair of jeans you need to look for are the high waist jeans. The rule here is to look for pants whose top fits around the slimmest part of your waist. This creates an illusion of thinner waist and bigger butt

– Another trick is to opt for Jodhpur cut pants

– Flared towards the bottom pants should be avoided at all costs

– Pocket placement, pocket placement and pocket placement. You might think the position of the pockets on the jeans/pants is nothing to worry about. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Pants with no pockets or big pockets should be avoided. Stitches, embellishment and other designs and motives draw interest and direct traffic to your booty. People are visual creatures, so draw their attention. However, be careful not to overdo it. For pockets, try to look for pants with small and higher up

– Look for pastel, white or light blue colors. Dark colored jeans make your legs look smaller, and essentially, your butt.

Choose the right skirt

After pants, skirts are next in line product that can visually enhance your butt. Look for one that is neither flat neither loose.

– Pencil skirts are the best option, as they give your body a beautiful shape and enhance your curves

– Straight skirts are another option

– Short skirts are the third option, especially for women with toned legs

– Fabrics to avoid: satin and silk

Put an emphasize to your waist

The logic here is simple, smaller waist = bigger butt. To trick the eye, you can try several tips and tricks

– A belt is always a good option. The width you want is medium to large, and the color is dark. The spot to tie the belt is the tiniest part of the waist

– Avoid horizontal stripes or any other patterns in the area around your waist. Dark, solid and clean colors are what you look for

Pick the fabric

Velvet, suede, corduroy and faux leather are best options for pants, skirts, jeans or any other clothes you buy that covers your butt. All of them create the illusion you seek – a bigger booty

The magic of high heels

Besides clothes, the shoes you wear are also essential for the look of your body. Heels are one of those magic shoes that transform the curve of your body, making your butt look bigger and perkier. To test it, you can always stand before a mirror on your tiptoes. Make a few steps, and you’ll notice the difference. High heels, and especially stilettos arch your lower back, and the result is firmer look of the booty.

Strengthen your butt while seating

Many girls around the world wish they had the round, voluptuous butt of Jenifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, etc… What nobody tells you is that not only do they have a large butt, they also have very firm but. It is not all about the size, sometimes, the shape and firmness matters as well.

The most important ingredient in your quest for a big butt is the work out. Food matters, your healthy habits and lifestyle matters, but exercises are the best way to shape and strengthen your butt.

Having a tightly toned butt is not something that is reserved for younger girls. While it is true that as we age, and as our job becomes more and more seated and less and less dynamic, having a firmed butt is achievable. You cannot let personal responsibilities, illness, family and other factors influence and make your life hectic to the point where you have no time for exercising.

How to breathe?

While exercising, it is important to properly breathe in and out. Slowly inhale at the onset of the exercise, and exhale while doing the exercise. No warming up is required.

The actual exercises

You don’t have to run a marathon or work your butt off to death to get firm and toned butt. And once you firm your butt, it looks larger and more beautiful. The beauty of these exercises is that you can do them fully clotted, while seating anywhere. So, don’t wait and work those buttocks.

Exercise No.1 – butt squeezing

This is the easiest exercise you can do to firm and strengthen your butt. Sit straight, and make sure your feet are glued to the floor. Squeeze your butt and thighs muscle, and keep them contracted for five seconds. Now relax them. It is recommended that you do at least 20 repetitions. You can practice the workout while you are browsing the internet, traveling to a long distance destination, sitting at work, etc…

Exercise No.2 – writing the alphabet

Raise one of your legs a bit, in a way that you touch the floor with your toes. With your toes, start writing every letter of the alphabet on the floor. Once you finish writing with your left leg for example, do it with your right one. Next, do it all over, but only this time, gently touch the floor with your whole feet. You can mix things up by writing numbers instead of letters. The important part is to keep your leg active and your muscles in motion.

Exercise No.3 – the inhale

Lift your left knee a bit and inhale while lifting. Try to hold your breath as much as you can while your knee is lifted. While exhaling, slowly lower the knee. Now do it with your right knee.

Exercise No.4 – leg circles

Sit straight, with your knees in 90°. Lift the left leg and rotate it in circles. You can rotate in clockwise motion and in counter clockwise motion. While rotating, make sure to inhale and exhale slowly. After 5 minutes, switch leg. You can also do the exercise with both of your legs.

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